Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion 

When we are asked: “What is the one most important thing we can do to work with Diversity and Inclusion?” Our answer is: “Have the conversation.” If you’re not sure what conversation to have, or how to have it, we can help.

The fundamentals of working well with diversity and inclusion are simple. And as we all know, sometimes what is simple is not easy. So at ADC Associates, we bring the experience, knowledge, and wisdom acquired in over 25 years working in the D&I field internationally to help our clients get the full benefits, and meet the challenges of diversity and inclusion.

We provide consulting, facilitation, advisory services, executive education, and public speaking on a wide range of Diversity and Inclusion topics. Our diversity services are used by local and multinational corporations, national, state, and local governments, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Use our services if you are looking to make progress in the areas of:


Foundations of Diversity

All of our work is based on our model of the Foundations of Diversity. These are the 5 basic elements of working with Diversity and Inclusion that we all need to keep fresh and current in order to work effectively in this field.  The foundations are:

  • Similarity and Difference (‘Us’ and ‘Them’)
  • Majority and Minority
  • Assumptions and Bias
  • Inclusion and Exclusion
  • Power and Privilege

All five Foundations are connected and interlinked. To create truly inclusive teams, groups, and organisations, you must consciously attend to, engage with, and work effectively with all of these foundations. We help you to define and clarify what each means in your specific situation, decide where to focus, and learn how to improve.


Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

We help you get a sense of where you are now though organisational assessment, including benchmarking using the Global Diversity and Inclusions Benchmarks, Culture Audits, Surveys, Focus Groups, and Interviews. We then help you to develop and implement a practical Diversity and Inclusion Strategy linked to your business goals.


Diversity and Inclusion – Beyond Awareness

Have you done D&I awareness training? Want to go deeper? Are you an executive wanting to improve your D&I communication skills? We provide facilitated conversations and coaching and conduct workshops based on your real life workplace situations to dig deeper into the realities of diversity and inclusion in whatever areas of D&I are most relevant to you. These may include (but are not limited to) differences in gender, race/culture/ethnicity, age, flexibility, thinking and work style, sexuality and gender identity, religion, disability and mental health, personality, work function, or company culture or subculture.


Advanced Work for D&I Practitioners

Those of us who work in the D&I field are subject to the same issues of unconscious bias and limited perspective, and are as influenced by our background and experiences, as are any of our clients. Having started in the D&I field in 1988, we bring our accumulated experience and knowledge to offer D&I practitioners the opportunity to reflect, refresh, recharge, and engage with your own experience, so that you can better help others


International and Global D&I Programs

With professional experience in 14 countries on 4 continents (North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia) ADC Associates is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s most experienced Diversity and Inclusions consultancies, having worked successfully with clients across the region and beyond since 1991. We can support you to make sure your D&I initiatives are pragmatic, sensitive, and adapted to suit multiple cultural contexts.


Public Speaking

Duncan Smith is highly regarded as an engaging and thoughtful speaker and conference presenter who brings a unique perspective and ability to connect audiences with Diversity and Inclusion topics. His talks have been described as “a real eye opener!”, “great interactive and thought provoking topic delivered by an engaging and passionate facilitator,” and “The ability to deliver information, answer questions, involve group work, and maintain a relaxed atmosphere all within a single 45 minute presentation is extraordinary!”


In all of these areas, we use the principles of process consultation to help you to develop the solutions that will work best for you, and support you to put those solutions into practice.

For more information about how ADC’s Diversity and Inclusion services can help your organisation or group to work better in this important area, contact us.



Diversity Partners

ADC Associates’ Principal Duncan Smith is also a senior associate of Diversity Partners. Diversity Partners is a leading professional services firm specialising in diversity and cultural change in Australia and Asia, passionate about building strategies that promote an inclusive culture and diverse workforce. Established in 2009 by Dr. Katie Spearritt, Diversity Partners has have developed an extensive client list across a range of industries, including several ASX Top 20 companies. For more information, click here.

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