Team, Group & Organizational Development

ADC Associates helps groups and teams, whether new or intact, to achieve superior functioning and enhanced performance. Our methods are especially useful for handling challenging topics or emotionally charged situations, for gaining clarity and awareness, for team and organisational development, and for creating and sustaining inclusive cultures. 

All teams, groups, and organisations face issues that can block effective performance. We base our work on the assumption that an organisation is no more and no less than a collection of relationships between people, and that the effectiveness of those relationships determines how well the organisation performs: the whole relies on the good functioning of all of its parts

To consider whether working with us would be useful for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you manage, or are you part of:

  • a group or team that could benefit from improved communication and group dynamics?
  • a group whose members could be working together better?
  • a good team that could be performing even better?
  • an organisation whose culture and leadership could be improved?


Using simple yet powerful facilitation techniques, our methods empower and engage teams and groups to:

  • Identify issues
  • Generate solutions
  • Implement and review those solutions
  • Track their improvements and work with ongoing needs


Our work helps groups and their members to achieve:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased engagement
  • Stronger internal and external relationships
  • An expanded range of responses to workplace challenges
  • Easier access to creativity and innovation
  • More clarity, direction and impact
  • Enhanced ability to respect and integrate different perspectives


We do this by drawing on a range of techniques including facilitation, action methods, psychodrama and sociometry, spontaneity and creativity, relying on our years of knowledge and experience to create the most useful and appropriate methods for each client.

For more information about how ADC’s work can help your team get past habitual responses and reach improved results, contact us.

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