Jenny Hutt, B.A. (Hons), Grad Dip (RMIT), Sociodramatist (AANZPA) and TEP (AANZPA)


Noel E K Tan, CPF, MEdRM, MEdMan, MSc (Strategic Studies)



Jenny Hutt

Jenny Hutt

B.A. (Hons), Grad Dip (RMIT), Sociodramatist (AANZPA) and TEP (AANZPA)

Jenny Hutt is an experienced coach, facilitator and learning and organisational development professional. She is skillful in engaging groups to help them explore their diverse viewpoints and to build their capabilities.

Jenny has specialist expertise in workplace diversity, human relations, inter-cultural relations, leadership development, mentoring and experiential learning. Based in Melbourne, Jenny coaches individuals and consults to a wide range of teams and organisations in business, community, government, health and judicial sectors.

She has undertaken successful workplace diversity projects with a wide range of clients in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, including BHP Billiton, Towers-Watson, BP, Hewlett-Packard, Shell Oil (Australasia), Darebin City, the Museum of New Zealand (now Te Papa), the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Shell International (London).

Jenny has developed mentoring programs and training for the Australian and New Zealand School of Government, Melbourne City Mission and the judiciary in Victoria, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

She has conducted facilitation training for the Australian College of Applied Psychology; In-Sync Consulting; the Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators; the Victorian Facilitators Network; and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights and Commission.

Jenny also works as an Associate with an Aboriginal-owned consultancy engaged with Aboriginal organisations in coaching, change management and team development services.

Jenny has a first class honours degree in social anthropology and a post-graduate qualification in organisational change and consulting (RMIT). She was a performer and conductor of playback theatre for 10 years with playback theatre companies in New Zealand and Australia. As an international fellow at Brandeis University in Boston, she explored the use of the arts in reconciliation. Jenny has extensive training and experience in group dynamics and action methods. She has a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training; Certificate in Supervision, (UK); is an accredited administrator of the Myers Briggs Type indicator and has a certificate in cultural competence (Centre for Cultural Competence Australia).

Jenny is Director of Training at the Melbourne Campus of Psychodrama Australia, a not-for-profit educational institute. She is qualified as a Sociodramatist and as a Trainer, Educator, Practitioner (TEP) with the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association. In her capacity as a Sociodramatist Jenny has conducted a number of sessions and workshops for professionals on inter-cultural learning, revitalising citizenship, migrants and refugees, the complexity of belonging, and on learning as non-Indigenous Australians.

Her publications include:

  • Role-play: realising its potential for workplace learning (2007) AANZPA Journal
  • Playback theatre: a creative resource for reconciliation (2004) Brandeis University
  • Continuous improvement – a hands on guide for the Victorian public service (2004) Victorian Continuous Improvement Network
  • Using sociodrama to renew organisational culture (2002) Cultural Diversity at Work - Online
  • Mentoring programs best practice in the Victorian public service (2002) Victorian Continuous Improvement Network – winner of a Victorian public service award
  • Using sociodrama to explore workplace diversity (2001) British Psychodrama Association Journal, Vol. 16, No 1, 2001      
  • Exploring the impact of cultural norms on creativity at work (2001) AANZPA Thesis

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Noel Tan

Noel E K Tan, CPF, MEdRM, MEdMan, MSc (Strategic Studies)

Chair, International Association of Facilitators

Principal, Trailblazer Associates International

 A highly experienced process facilitator, narrative practitioner and mediator based in Singapore, Noel helps organisations & communities articulate new beginnings for preferred futures in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world.

He partners OD, Corporate Planning, Strategy, HR and Public Engagement functions to build capacity for agility, resilience and cohesion. Through catalysing collective impact by renewing common purpose and shared vision, adaptive strategies and systems are co-created & emerge with clarity of hindsight, insight and foresight.

Noel’s primary consulting mode – Process Consulting – is best described as a helping relationship, and its theoretical underpinnings are best exemplified in the work of Edgar Schein.  A departure from the off-the-shelf packages provided by expert-led consulting, process consulting is best suited for helping clients find solutions that are uniquely theirs.

Using Metaphor, Visual Language, Story and Role, Noel assists organisations & communities in their meaning-making and sharing of tacit knowledge as they

  • Discover their innate sources of Hope, Courage and Strength
  • Collectively Envision a Desired Future from a Whole-System, middle-out perspective
  • Design community and organisational practices which create pathways and inroads to that Future
  • Innovate to reach the community's own Noble Purpose and Destiny.

Noel’s Core Strategy, Leadership, OD and Public Engagement services include:

  • Scenarios, Foresight and Strategic Conversations Facilitation about Fundamental Change
  • Strengths-based Collaboration and Engagement, Org Culture Audits & Development
  • Human and Organisation Systems Renewal
  • Applied Systems Thinking/Ethnography/Organisational Narratives to facilitate Fundamental Change
  • Conflict Transformation
  • Designing and Facilitating Public Participation processes
  • Big Meeting Graphic Recording

Since 2008, Noel has facilitated a number of Large Group meetings in different formats, including: 20 Open Space meetings from 6 to 290 participants; 4 Summits and 16 Group Interventions using Appreciative Inquiry from 70 to 420 participants; and 18 World Cafes(from 30 to 290 participants.

His Conference Presentations include:

  • ' Neutral Facilitator, Healthy Individuals, Productive Groups?' (IAF Adelaide & Tokyo) and
  • 'Facilitating Leaders in the New Normal' (IAF Tokyo) with Tom Schwarz


Noel describes the Benefits of Process Consulting in this way:

Clarity of roles allows for an evolving partnership:

  • The client has both the technical know-how and understanding of the context, but often have less-developed means of surfacing and sharing that tacit knowledge. Process consultants design the processes to make that happen.  This clear definition of roles allows for a deep partnership to evolve.

Ownership of solutions & decisions:

  • The solutions generated from the designed processes by the client, have better chance of being supported by commitment of client personnel themselves.


  • The client organisation is better equipped to engage in double-loop learning and thus builds its own capacity to identify patterns and trends from the event level, and to take steps to work with these patterns.  In other words, the clients enhance their problem-solving ability over and on top of solving the problem.

Client organisation develops participatory and dialogue-based practices to engage:

  • As a by-product of process consultation, the client organisation is exposed not only to process tools but begins to develop a culture where it’s alright to dialogue and to use it to raise the level of awareness and understanding about current reality.


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