Who are we working with, and how? How conscious are we of the impacts of diversity, and how skilful are we at creating and sustaining positive, inclusive cultures in our teams and organizations? Duncan brings deep experience in helping clients to overcome barriers in the areas of bias and diversity, and in designing and implementing culturally effective Diversity and Inclusion solutions.

There are 5 basic elements that we all need to keep fresh and current in order to be effective working with Diversity and Inclusion. We help you to define and clarify your specific situation, decide where to focus, and learn how to improve. This is an approach that is equally effective for newcomers and experienced practitioners, tested and refined with a wide range of corporate, government, and non-profit clients across multiple cultures.

We help you get a sense of where you are though organisational assessment, including Benchmarking using the Global Diversity and Inclusions Benchmarks, and Culture Audits, using surveys, focus groups, and interviews. We then help you to develop and implement a practical D&I Strategy linked to your business goals.

Duncan brings his own professional experience in 24 countries on 4 continents (North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Pacific), and through ADC Associates a global network of D&I practitioners in 19 countries (in South America, Europe, the UK, North America South Asia, East Asia, and Africa).  Having worked successfully with a wide range of clients across industries and governments since 1991, we can support you to make sure your D&I initiatives are pragmatic and sensitive to suit multiple cultural contexts.

Have you done D&I awareness training? Want to go deeper? We facilitate conversations, coaching and workshops based on your workplace situations to tap into the realities of D&I in the areas most relevant to you. These may include (but are not limited to) differences in gender, culture, race and ethnicity, age, flexibility, thinking and work style, sexuality and gender identity, religion, disability and mental health, and company culture or subculture.

Those of us who work in the D&I field are subject to the same issues of unconscious bias and limited perspective, and are as influenced by our background and experiences, as are any of our clients. Having started in the D&I field in 1988, we bring our accumulated experience and knowledge to offer D&I practitioners the opportunity to reflect, refresh, recharge, and engage with your own experience, so that you can better help others.


Foundations of Diversity

Diversity and leadership consultant Duncan Smith, interviewed by Hala Abdelnour, sees five “Foundations of Diversity” as essential guides for both newcomers to the field and experienced practitioners. Listen in as the two practitioners, informed by very different backgrounds and experiences, explore this concept.

How to Attract and Retain a Diverse Workforce

The ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce requires strong motivation, systemic thinking, and practical tools. 

The Business Case for Diversity

As you read this sentence, human diversity is having an impact the bottom line of your business. Whether that impact is positive or negative depends on how well you understand and manage that diversity.