New Catalyst Report

Leaders often tell us that they understand the theory of inclusive leadership, but struggle to put it into practice.

A recent report from Catalyst (Getting Real About Inclusive Leadership: Why Change Starts With You, by Dnika J. Travis, Phd, Emily Shaffer, Phd, and Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, Phd) helps address this issue.

Noting the benefits of inclusive leadership for team problem-solving, work engagement, employees’ intent to stay, and innovation, the report includes survey results from 2,164 employees from 15 global companies in 23 total countries. 

The Catalyst model consists of six core behaviours : three for leading outward (accountability, ownership and allyship)  and three for leading inward (curiosity, humility, and courage). The report explains that “Leading outward is what you do to ensure team members are treated fairly, empowered, and able to flourish. Leading inward requires a hard look at who you are and your inner ability to act courageously, learn, and self-reflect”.

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